Yanomami Indigenous Land:
A historic achievement

The smell of the earth

"Yanomami are the earth. I will take with me the smell here, the poetry that is expressed in everything," reflects Ailton Krenak. On May 25, 2022 more than 500 people gathered in the Xihopi community, in the Yanomami Indigenous Land, in the state of Amazonas, to celebrate the 30 years of the approval of the territory, a historical achievement of the Yanomami people. Local leaders and historical allies like David Kopenawa, Krenak, Sidney Fera and Joênia Wapichana, among others, were able to be together again - and draw strategies to face the threat of illegal mining. This mini-documentary tells how this meeting went and records the union of indigenous peoples in a moment of intense attack on their rights and territories throughout Brazil. With images from Carol Quintanilha and directed by Fred Mauro, the Mini-Doc is a realization of the Yanomami and Ye'kuana leadership Forum, with support from the Socio-Environmental Institute.

The future is indigenous

Leaders of all land Yanomami. Pajés, women, youth and children. Friends of a life, relatives of Xingu, allies Kayapó and Munduruku. The Yanomami and their partners held in May 2022 the 3rd Forum of Leadership Yanomami and Ye'kwana and celebrated the struggle of David Kopenawa for the historical conquest of the approval of Earth Yanomami, which turns 30. This collection of photos, by Christian Braga, shows some moments of the days of meeting, conversation, struggle and hope of all Yanomami for a life of respect and peace.



Manifesto of the 3rd Forum of Leadership Yanomami and Ye'kwana. We are continuing the struggle of those who guaranteed the recognition of the territory, our life and the life of the forest. After 30 years of the demarcation of the Yanomami indigenous land, our land was again invaded. This is also happening in the indigenous lands across the country, ravaged by prospectors, loggers, farmers. Our forest and our rivers are being destroyed and contaminated by mercury. Our communities are being hit by violence and leaders are threatened. Our women are being raped and raped, our children are being killed. President Bolsonaro encourages the destruction of our lands and the violation of our rights, and the federal government is silent on fulfilling its constitutional obligations. The inspection bodies, which should protect us, are disrupted, when not conniving with the illegal activities that end our lives. Also in the legislature, they want to promote changes that undermine our rights. Our forest and our peoples are getting sick by the responsibility of the federal government and the hungry invaders who advance in our territories. We cannot admit that this continues. We indigenous peoples want to live in peace, health and in the living forest. If the forest is over, all of us, indigenous and non-indigenous, we will die. We demand that national institutions act and immediately remove the prospectors and all invaders of our territories and restore public policies that guarantee territorial protection actions and comply with the right to the original land and the exclusive enjoyment of our territories as determined by the Constitution. We need to hold all those who are destroying our lands and our lives, as determined by the law. The countries that buy Brazil's gold also need to take their responsibility and investigate their origin, which often leaves our lands. Listen to our voice, the realities that we indigenous peoples are living. We summon international bodies to support us and press the Brazilian government to protect our lives and our forests. We call the whole society to unite with us and guarantee a future for everyone.

30 Years TIY




The celebrations of the 30 years of the Yanomami Land and the 3rd Forum of Yanomami and Yek'wana Leadership took place at the end of May in the village of Xihopi, State of Amazonas and had the support of the Rainforest Foundation of Norway, the Norwegian Embassy and Global Wildlife Conservation.